SVDA VR Exhibition

when tradition + technology + innovation meet

Moving image walking into the first section of the virtual exhibit and turning left walking down the aisle with Taubman museum's paintings placed on both sides of the walls.

First virtual reality exhibition

More than 100 of interactive digital objects from six Virginia Tech campus partners and regional waiting to be explored.

Collections in Display

First person view from the entrance of the VR exhibit, a wall with text introducing Taubman Museum of Art

Taubman Museum of Art

Reynolds family members, descendants of Hardin and Nancy Reynolds had been invited by Nancy Susan Reynolds to join her in a family reunion and the dedication of their ancestral home she restored. People were seated in the backyard of Reynold's ancestral home, listening and looking in the speaker's direction.

Reynolds Homestead

Z. Smith Reynolds with his biplane taken circa 1928

Reynolda House Museum of American Art

Leonard Currie and his wife, Virginia Currie standing next to each other at the entrance of Currie House II, Blacksburg, Virginia.

Leonard J. Currie Slides

A large 3D butterfly model within the VR exhibit


3D amethyst model displayed on a stand in the VR exhibit


VR Exhibition in Numbers


unique digital objects in display


experts working


regional and campus partners’ collections

Technical parts of the exhibit

Behind the scene

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