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Design rationale

The vision for SVDA is to be a hub for southwestern Virginia cultural heritage and natural history collections, and a model for collaborative non-custodial archival practice.

Digital Imaging and Preservation Services Goals 2021

About the SVDA

Established in 2017, the Southwest Virginia Digital Archive (SVDA) is operated by the Digital Imaging and Preservation Services at Virginia Tech to provide access and preservation services for cultural heritage and natural history collections from Virginia Tech and from the Southwest Virginia region.

To ensure the profile picture accurately representing services provided by the SVDA, images are carefully selected as representative image(s) from each of the community collections. Please review the images selected below for the embedded meaning of each color to the profile picture.

Professionalism, Tradition

1993 Barter Theatre poster:  A picture of a full image of a woman in gown standing in front of a window looking at far distance, a man standing on the other side of the window looking at the woman. The black and white picture was centered slightly to the left on the poster and framed with two colors border. Frame color is blue on the left and black on the right. There are white font play titles printed on the black color frame.
forest photograph with green leaves. In greenwork (aerial wall), Artist Laing explores the theme of visual perception by depicting a distorted wall of intense blurred green that bisects an immense tree canopy.
greenwork (aerial wall) Rosemary Laing from Taubman Museum of Art

Vitality, Sustainability

Warmth and as the background canvas for Creativity and Fun

yellowish inner page of the minutes of the Crewe Town Council dated 1894-1895
Minutes of the Crewe Town Council 1894-1900 (page 7) from Town of Crewe

Neutral, Non-custodial

Reynolds family members, descendants of Hardin and Nancy Reynolds had been invited by Nancy Susan Reynolds to join her in a family reunion and the dedication of their ancestral home she restored. People were seated in the backyard of Reynold's ancestral home, listening and looking in the speaker's direction.
1970 Dedication from Reynolds Homestead

Trustworthy, Calm, Stability

Dodge captured the light, churning movement, and deep blue color of the sea near his home in his painting Seascape.
Seascape by William de Leftwich Dodge from Taubman Museum of Art

Chicago Maroon and Skipper Smoke

Primary colors for Virginia Tech, for SVDA services provided by Virginia Tech and to represent collections from Virginia Tech campus partners.

Font-type, text-spacing, font-size, and contrast are checked for accessibility.

Southwest Virginia Digital Archive with the values of Community Collections, Creativity, Technology in light purple font on a maroon color background. Both colors are the Virginia Tech's main colors.

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