Digital Public Library of America

metadata dissemination through Digital Virginias

DPLA platform showing digital collections from Virginia Tech through the service hub, Digital Virginias

National level digital library

Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) has more than 42 millions media resources to be discovered. View the items ingested to DPLA.

About DPLA and Digital Virginias

DPLA is large-scale collaborative repository project that brings together digital content from cultural heritage institutions at state, regional, and national level. It also provides a shared discovery interface. Virginia Tech participates in the project to through the shared service hub, Digital Virginias.

DPLA in Numbers


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Workflows from Omeka to DPLA

Items publicly posted on the Omeka platform are ready for DPLA harvest. XML files will be extracted from Omeka, transformed into consistent metadata scheme and data structure accepted by Digital Virginias, and pushed to the git repository. The hub administrator (University of Virginia) will aggregates the XML files before it can be harvested by DPLA.