contain most of Wen’s major work in Virginia Tech


Omeka is the digital library platform software for SVDA. The site contains photographs, journals, paintings, and more from the Southwest Virginia region.


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Southwest Virginia Digital Archive

Southwest Virginia Digital Archive (SWDA) is built on Omeka, the open-source web publishing platform. Wen’s roles are the site manager and collections manager oversaw metadata, collection management, and online access for digital collections from the unit.


As the site manager

  • System code customization
  • System debugging
  • Testing combinations of plugins
  • Information architecture
  • Web accessibility
  • Design and evaluate compatibility of the whole system with digital object life cycle workflows

As the collections manager

  • Digital collection curation
  • Metadata remediation
  • Devise metadata application profiles
  • Dissemination of metadata
  • Strategize metadata workflows
  • Physical collection assessment
  • Outreach
DPLA platform showing digital collections from Virginia Tech through the service hub, Digital Virginias


DPLA has more than 42 millions media resources to be discovered. View the items ingested to DPLA.

Digital Public Library of America

Another access point of SVDA is created at the national level digital library platform, Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) to increase the collection visibility. Wen’s role as the intermediary between the library and DPLA service hub, Digital Virginias is to remediating metadata and ensuring XML format requirements are met before aggregation by hub administrator (University of Virginia) for DPLA harvest.


  • Metadata extraction
  • Metadata transformation
  • Metadata validation
  • Metadata ingestion