Overview of the projects listed on this website


Logo for Omeka, digital asset management system and DPLA, a national scale metadata aggregator

An overview of two major platforms that hold most of Wen’s work.

screenshot of the homepage for Southwest Virginia Digital Archive
SVDA mainpage


The platform of which Wen has to work from scratch from the system backend to frontend interface to cataloging. Technical issues discussed in details are the overall system design and Omeka plugins.

DPLA platform showing digital collections from Virginia Tech through the service hub, Digital Virginias
SVDA items on DPLA interface


Technical details on ingestion of XML files from Omeka to DPLA.

SVDA VR Exhibition

backend view of creating the SVDA VR exhibition

An online interactive virtual reality exhibition.

overhead shot of a preliminary floorplan for the VR exhibition with a few items added to the exhibition
artsteps exhibition template

Behind the scene

Background, themes, software, and design details for the SVDA VR Exhibition.

interface for the video editing tool - adobe premiere showing timeline parts of the video and audio cuts on the bottom right with the video preview right above it. On the left section, there is the control for animation associated with post-production video effect on the top left and bottom left are filled with dozens of file clips on the left section
Premiere interface with the promotional video being edited at the background


SVDA VR Exhibition related video production.

Profile picture

Southwest Virginia Digital Archive profile picture with chosen images from partners with colors representing the unit's values. Clockwise direction from upper left: Green, Grey, Yellow, Blue, Black, and Maroon in the center.

Design rationale for SVDA’s profile picture.

UX portfolio

Usability testing for a VR exhibit and three UX case studies in presentation slides format (prototype links included) from conception to delivery.

Other projects

screenshot of the paleontology collection finding aids on the electronic finding aids repository in Indiana University, also known as the Archives Online at Indiana University

The first Omeka digital library and finding aids built for IU Paleontology Collections.